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Eating healthy foods can help you lose weight fast and assist in getting rid of those dreadful love handles. Losing belly fat isn’t something that happens overnight but, with all the valuable health articles available online now, it’s easier than ever before! We’ve scoured the web to help bring you some secrets of weight loss and healthy eating to help fuel your weight loss goals. Spoiler alert: it’s all about eating the right food! When used in combination with other body shaping methods like waist trainers and core workouts these weight loss diets can help you quickly achieve your goals.

Healthy Diets: Changing From the Inside Out

Today, we’re going to talk about the food that you need to include on your diet starting now. They’ll give your body all it needs, prevent diseases and actively boost your metabolism and digestion. Many of these foods are part of well-kept secret diets that celebrities, beauty pageants and Instagram models alike follow to get an hourglass shaped body, so if you’re ready to reduce your waistline, read on!


Quinoa is an ancient grain superfood that is rich in amino acids and vital proteins

Quinoa: Ancient Grain Super Food

Quinoa is incredibly underrated, it’s a food widely included in celebrity, beauty pageants and Instagram model’s diets and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a versatile food, because even strict vegetarians and gluten-free advocates can include it in their diets. Quinoa can complement steaks, salads or just about every lunch or dinner combination you can think of.

Quinoa also has other added benefits, it has a very high protein content, prevents colon cancer and indigestion and little known fact: it can make your butt look toned and bigger since its able to regenerate your muscles without having to consume potentially fatty meat, and since cutting our calories is one of the key towards having a slim waist, you’ll definitely want to include quinoa in your waist training diet!


Eggs are rich in protein and have a very low digestive impact

Eggs: Low Impact Protein

Eggs are healthy, versatile and efficiently deliver protein to your body. They’re right on the top of our list for a number of reasons:

They repair and build your muscles, so if you’re following a cardio and core regime (in which you need your muscles to be at the top of their game), eating two or three scrambled eggs daily will put you well on your way on meeting your protein intake goal.

They can give your buttocks that round, firm look we all want: they’ll help you build your glute muscles while keeping your calories intake low

They’re cheap and versatile: anyone can incorporate eggs in their diets. It’s recommended you consume them in the morning, since they’ll give you enough energy throughout the day. You can cook them in a different number of ways to avoid repetition/burnout.


Chicken breast is an excellent source of low-fat animal proteins

Chicken Breast: Low Fat Protein

Models and top performing athletes alike choose chicken over other meats because of its protein content. The secret is to eat chicken breasts and avoid the fatty parts of it.

Compared to similar meat cuts, eating chicken breasts will help you reduce your calorie intake by 60% on average. You might be starting to see a pattern here, which is to cut on bad fats while keeping our protein intake up. Chicken can be cooked in a great variety of ways, so there’s a lot of room for experiment here, just try not to deep fry it or otherwise accompany it with unhealthy food.


Rice and Beans are considered complex carbs and are great for energizing your body.

Whole Grains and Beans: Make Your Carbs Count

One of the top weight loss advice that gets thrown around is to “cut carbs out of your diet”, but this is actually poor advice. We believe it should be changed to: “replace bad carbs with good carbs”

Basically, you’ll have complex carbs (the good kind), and simple carbs (the bad kind). Eating complex carbs, also known as healthy carbs, is essential to weight loss and keeping a healthy body since they are packed with minerals and vitamins. Hence, you’ll want to eat whole grains, sweet potatoes, legumes or beans. Keep in mind that even though they contain proteins, they’re not enough to be considered a main protein source, which is why you’ll want to accompany your main dish with these healthy carbs.

Avacado Toast Weight Loss Homecandy

Avocados are healthy fats rich in Omega fatty acids

Avocados: Healthy Fats & Omega Oils

Universally cutting down fats from your diet is a terrible move. Replacing bad fats with good fats is something else entirely, and that’s where the avocado truly shines

Avocados have monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) that are key to balancing your diets, and they’re also one of the main ingredients in Colombian, Brazilian and Venezuelan beauty queens diets, all known for their hourglass shaped models. Avocados are also the secret behind (pun intended!) famous butts. Having firm glutes muscles is essential, but if you want your butt to be round, you’ll need healthy fats as well. Having a small waist isn’t just about losing weight, it’s also about making your thighs and butt bigger too, that way your curves will be more prominent, and your waist will look smaller. Introduce the avocado to your diet, get a body shaper or a waist training corset and get ready to turn heads!

bowl of spinach

Spinach is an excellent source of micro-nutrients and essential minerals like Magnesium

Spinach: Dietary Fiber & Essential Nutrients

Spinach is a top source of dietary fiber. It boosts satiety even though you won’t fully digest it, it’s very low on calories (one cup of fresh spinach is only 7 calories!), and it decreases your risk for heart disease and cancer. It also boosts your iron levels, which is especially good if you’re anemic and feel you need that extra energy boost and also reduce blood pressure.

Spinach is a top source of dietary fiber, it has several advantages like boosting satiety (even though your body won’t fully digest it), being very low on calories (one cup of fresh spinach is only 7 calories!) it decreases your risk for heart disease and cancer, boosts your iron levels, which is especially good if you’re anemic and feel you need that extra energy through the day, and it’s also able to reduce blood pressure. Amazing!

This green wonder also happens to be one of the best at building and preserving muscles: One easy way to implement spinach in your diet is to substitute the lettuce in your salad with spinach, this simple tweak will lead to weight loss, a slimmer tummy and a sexier waist.


Watermelon is a great alternative for high sugar sweets.

Watermelon: Sweet Junk Food Alternative

If you have a craving for something sweet, the watermelon should be your top choice. Its high water content makes it filling and refreshing while keeping your calories low. Being rich in nutrients, and vitamins C & A, it also provides calcium, iron and potassium and even antioxidants to make you look younger, and it has a hidden property that many overlook: it helps speed up your workout recovery time!

An essential part of any weight-loss plan is having a balanced cardio and core workout routine, these activities however can make you a little sore (at least in the beginning). An easy way to avoid feeling sore is to drink a glass of watermelon juice an hour before you start your workout routine. Introducing the watermelon to your regular diet will also help you ease in a workout routine, just remember to get a high quality waist trimmer to maximize each training session!


Nuts contain super dense nutrition and can help energize your metabolism

Nuts: Healthy Snacks for a Healthy You

Nuts such as pistachios, almonds, cashews and walnuts are, hands down, a must have in your daily diet, they’re rich in healthy fats and good carbs, they boost your metabolism and are the ultimate snack food.

Having a smaller waist inevitably involves weight loss, and nuts are scientifically proven to help you lose weight, since they prevent overeating, curb cravings and stimulate fat burning processes. Additionally one of its most overlooked benefit is their protein and healthy fat ratio, meaning: if you want a round, firm butt, you’ll want to include nuts as part of your diet.

Healthy Lifestyle & Diet Transformation

This combination of meats, legumes and whole grains is guaranteed to help you reduce your waistline, just remember to start your day with a healthy breakfast, (to kick start your metabolism) and to drink a lot of water. Your body will often confuse thirst with hunger, this is why staying hydrated throughout the day is so important.

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