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Waist trainers are among the most popular fitness tools used by celebrities, Instagram models, and the models one sees on the cover of magazines. These popular waist cinching tools are used for body shaping around the world. Adopting a healthy weight loss diet and exercise routine can help boost the effects you see on your body as a whole. This article digs into some of the most effective ways to approach your waist trainer to get the best results for your body shape.

Waist Trainer Sizing

One of the most common mistakes among first time buyers is thinking that getting a smaller waist trainer will get you results faster, and that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, the first step towards quick results is getting the perfect size waist trainer for your body type. Keep in mind, you’ll be wearing your waist trainers up to 6-8 hours a day, so you’re going to need an undergarment that allows you breathe and adapt to your lifestyle and activities.

It’s perfectly normal to feel some discomfort when you’re wearing your waist trainer for the first couple of times, but it should gradually get easier to wear. We’ve attached a chart that’ll help you determine what a good size for you might be. If you’re thinking of buying a waist trainer corset, this chart can effectively guide you in the process:

waist trainer sizing chart

Remember, everyone’s body type is different but there are some general guidelines that help all waist trainers be more effective. A bit of discomfort is normal with waist training but you should never experience pain, nor should you feel such discomfort that you’re distracted from daily tasks. The list below outlines some basic considerations for the use of waist trainers and their sizing:

  • If your waist trainer is rolling over your waist, then it’s too small.
  • Your waist trainer should never interfere with your breathing or cause you pain
  • You should experience a mild discomfort until you get used to your garment. As you gradually increase the hours you wear your waist trainer over the day, it’ll feel more and more natural.

Start slow, get to know your waist trainer

Long term waist training is, simply put, effective waist training, slowly integrating your waist trainers (especially corsets) into your lifestyle is extremely important, which is why we recommend not to wear it for more than two hours the first time you use it, and gradually increase its wearing time from there since ideally, you’ll want to reach the 6-8 hours a day wearing range once you’re done breaking into the waist trainer.

We all want to look and feel beautiful all the time, and waist trainers have a way of instantly boosting our curves and slimming down our figure, but it’s important not to let waist training become an obsession, because obsessions can lead to burnout and we’re here for the long haul! Listen to your body, take it slow, and we guarantee you’ll see results without extreme and unnecessary over lacing.

Types of waist trainers homecandy

Get at least two, high quality waist trainers:

Waist training can be a powerful tool in helping to better shape your body to the image you desire. Sure, it takes hard work and dedication but the results can be great! We’ve all seen the Hollywood stars and Instagram Fitness models with their fairytale-like figures, but how do they get there? The two following tips can help make your waist trainer much more effective:
Number 1: People sweat. Obvious, right? The problem is, sweat tends to accumulate, and your waist trainer is going to be soaking in most of it which is why you’ll need to clean it regularly to keep it from smelling and deteriorating. This means that you’re going to be facing downtime while your waist trainer is cleaning and drying, potentially slowing down your progress and results. Getting a second waist trainer will help you rotate pieces and avoid losing progress.

Number 2: combining different waist trainers (such as a waist cincher and a corset, or a body shaper and a corset) will get you faster results. If you decide to take on a waist training workout routine (highly recommended), using your corset would be a terrible idea. Not only can you potentially harm yourself, but you’ll also find it incredibly difficult to execute each exercise in a proper posture, making your workout highly inefficient. There are waist trainers specifically designed to boost your workout routines, making them the go-to choice for exercising.

Other Quick Tips

Also remember to invest in quality products since a well-constructed undergarment that fits your body and applies pressure evenly will get you that highly desired hourglass shape. We have a thorough buyer’s guide if you’re interested in cost effective products that will help you avoid knockoffs and low quality waist trainers.

Also remember to invest in quality products since a well-constructed undergarment that fits your body and applies pressure evenly will get you that highly desired hourglass shape. We have a thorough buyer’s guide if you’re interested in cost effective products that will help you avoid knockoffs and low quality waist trainers.

Flat Belly Exercises Home Candy

Eat Healthy & Exercise More

We all want to see results as soon as possible and in order to accomplish that we need to use every resource at our disposal. Starting a healthy diet, or even eating nutritious food in small portions, will help you tremendously. Whether you want to take on a diet or not is entirely up to you, but we recommend following these two simple tips:

Tip 1: Try to replace soda and other sugar-loaded drinks with water and you’ll be well on the fast lane to a slim, hourglass shape body.

Tip 2: The secret to weight loss is quite simply put, burning more calories than you take in (also known as caloric deficit) and you can accomplish this by either eating less food or maintaining your food intake while bumping up your energy expenditure through a greater workout time or high intensity interval training (cardio).

Work Your Core

These exercises allow your stability to strengthen while waist training. That way your abdominal and oblique muscles will remain strong, your posture will improve and you’ll have an amazing core to accompany your hourglass figure. Popular choices are planks with accompanying side twists, crunches with weights, and leg lifts around three times a week

Get That Heart Rate Up

Simply said, if you want to lose weight and melt calories away, you’ll need a cardio routine (interval training is particularly effective). Pick a cardio routine and stick to it, at least four times a week. Remember to always track your pulse, it’ll help you stay on safe ranges while making sure your body is pushing itself to the limit!

Caution: You should check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program to learn of any risks you might face for injury or other health complications

Get Ready to be Noticed

Let’s face it, the number one reason why celebrities and people in general have turned waist training into a worldwide trend is because of the short and long term impact it has on your figure. Losing several inches of waist in a matter of seconds is amazing and it’s something that you can only process once you look at yourself in the mirror for the first time, inevitably everyone else will notice it as well.

Keep track of your progress, and whenever you’ve reached a milestone, reward yourself

Since you’ll start turning heads in record time, we recommend preparing yourself for questions like why and how you wear a waist trainer.  It can be a friendly question from a friend, or an envious coworker. Either way having your answers and advice ready is always recommended. Always remember—this is all for you. Keep track of your progress, and whenever you’ve reached a milestone, reward yourself!

Final Thoughts

Be patient, each body is unique, and there are several factors that determine how long it’ll take for your waist training to get you results, many users have reported significant changes in less than three months, for others it takes over six months. It’s a process that depends on the user’s core density, flexibility of the cartilage, quality of the products used, diets and workout regimes followed, etc. Waist training is a journey in itself, and a very rewarding one! Just remember to eat healthy, stay hydrated and (for the love of everything you hold dear) don’t buy crappy products! Get the results you and your body deserve while making it as simple as it can be

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