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Having a baby is the most special and beautiful moment in life. Connecting with the miracle of renewed life can be a spiritual awakening but also a mental and physical struggle. To help overcome the physical toll pregnancy takes on one’s body there are many powerful considerations to make. Among such measures as healthy diets and exercise, more uncommon measures such as using waist trainers can help regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Just remember, everyone’s body is unique and you should always consider your own special needs first when committing to any lifestyle changes.

Healthy Foundation

Having a baby also represents an opportunity to start a healthier and safer life, while building habits that also protect and nurture your child. In the field of preventive medicine, daily exercising and eating healthy are right on top of the list of recommendations, especially after pregnancy. These habits that are no doubt a challenge to implement, but knowing that they’ll allow us to live a long life alongside our baby and help us feel beautiful and confident are reasons powerful enough to move any of us.

NOTE: Dietary and lifestyle changes can affect everyone differently. You should always consult with your doctor before trying anything new.

Overcoming Loose Skin and Extra Weight

The very first thing we tend to notice post pregnancy is the loose skins and stretch marks in the abdominal area, caused by sustaining your baby during pregnancy and his/her weight, but also due to the extra weight gained from the additional calories doctors’ advice every mom to consume, especially when (let’s be honest) the lovable excuse of eating for two is taken in a literal fashion

Eliminating this excess and loosened skin in your belly area takes patience, and it’s important we listen to our body during the process. Surgical procedures can be expensive, and there are healthier and safer ways to approach this, especially with some of the newest post pregnancy waist training models.

Note: Skin elasticity (its capacity to return into a previous shape or form) decreases with age, the sooner you lose weight, the easier it will be for your skin to recover

A couple of things that can give you a great head start healthy wise:

  • First, get clearance from your doctor regarding diets and exercises
  • Second, start practicing healthy lifestyle habits that help your skin steadily tighten itself through the loss of your pregnancy weight.

Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Building your healthy lifestyle habits can be defined as practicing a combination several key daily actions in which diets and exercises play complementary, but equally important roles. Following low impact, and low to medium effort workout routines is the very first step when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle. We recently created an article detailing what kind of exercises you should do to get back your pre-pregnancy curves, feel free to take a look at it!Diets are also crucial in achieving any healthy lifestyle, but for post pregnancy scenarios these need to go hand in hand with your doctor’s recovery plan. 

Celebrities and busy moms alike use this method and it helps them get in great shape while staying healthy, happy and confident

Doing things healthily gives you the possibility of building strong foundations for the long term since you’ll grow fond and accustomed to staying healthy and looking great, but how can you achieve results faster without compromising your health? How can you get a great shape now that you have new responsibilities? It’s possible. In fact, celebrities and busy moms alike use this method, and it helps them get in great shape while staying healthy, happy and confident, regardless of how busy they are.

Waist Training After Pregnancy

As you patiently and steadily accustom yourself to your new diet and exercise routines, you can boost results effortlessly with the help of specific waist trainers that passively shape your figure. We’re going to quickly review what a waist trainer is, but we highly recommend you check our comprehensive waist trainer article.

What are Waist trainers?

Simply put, waist trainers are tight garments that come in comfortable fabrics designed to apply pressure on your abdominal area, they come in different fabrics that help increase the temperature around your belly making it easier to burn calories in this area, enhancing your waist line and tightening your skin.

Are Waist Trainers Safe?

Unless you have a specific medical condition informed by your doctor, Waist trainers are perfectly safe as long as you use them sensibly under these guidelines:

• Use a waist trainer for no more than 8 hours in a given day
• Never tighten it up to the point in which it causes you pain.
• Never wear a waist trainer while sleeping

Notes for New Moms

Post birth biology dictates that taking into account all the fluid and the hormonal changes new moms experience you should wait at least six (6) weeks after having your baby before using a waist trainer not because it is unsafe but only because during this period of time water retention slows down and the uterus shrinks to its normal size. During this period of time your figure stabilizes thus giving you a realistic look of how much loose skin and excess weight you’ll be reducing thanks to your healthy habits and waist training.

Different Types of Waist Trainers

As mentioned earlier, waist trainers provide you with results in a shorter time window without compromising the accumulative effects of healthy dieting and exercising, in addition it provides you with psychological reassurance after your pregnancy which is an important part of a healthy life.

By wearing waist trainers in your daily life and combining their usage with healthy life habits such as exercises and healthy dieting, you’ll lose your accumulated pregnancy weight quicker, you’ll tighten your loose skin faster and you’ll get rid of stretch marks in record time. Not to mention, the right corset and/or body shaper will instantly shape your body and reduce your weight by several inches.

Waist trimmer belts

Are basically belts made out of a special fabric, meant to be durable, comfortable and light. They’re typically worn during workout sessions to help with posture and avoid injuries. Whether you’re doing Yoga, squats or cardio, one of the hardest things of following a workout routine is being able to execute each exercise correctly. Using a waist trimmer belt is an extremely underrated method of maximizing fat burning, since maintaining a proper posture maximizes every single exercise you do, making them one of the best waist trainers out there.
Those with neoprene fabric makes it really comfortable to wear, just remember not to wear it for more than a couple of hours at a time, since it’ll accumulate plenty of sweat!

Waist Cinchers

Also known as tummy shapers, are generally made of a lighter neoprene fabric than the one used in waist trimmer belts (for example, latex). They’re the best waist trainers for social events, since they’re meant to be used under your clothes. This way you can look fantastic whether going out to do some errands, go for a stroll with your baby or maybe receiving some guest at home while still looking great.

Double Benefits: Waist trainers help reach an aesthetic goal for our body while also giving proper back support to avoid a slouching posture.

Closing Thoughts

Waist trainers are quickly becoming an instant favorite among busy new moms, and it’s easy to understand why: taking care of the newest addition to our family is a job in itself, and to finally have a tool that help us get our pre-pregnancy curves back in record time sounds like a dream come true. Remember that feeling beautiful and confident will also help you be a better mom, and that investing in yourself is always a smart move.

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