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Waist trainers are no secret among celebrities and those aware of their powerful results. Many debate whether or not waist cincher, waist trainer corsets, and body-shaping garments work but many are already convinced. These types of garments have been used before and after the rise of modern physical training and cosmetic technology.

An Elegant History

Our human history is rich in luxury approaches to help look and feel better, though body shaping garments such as waist trainers and waist trainer corsets might ultimately be one of the cheaper options still popular, but what are they exactly? Are waist trainers safe? How does a waist trainer work? Are waist trimmers the right thing for me or is the waist trainer corset better? Don’t worry about it: All of these questions and more are covered thoroughly for you, along with a best waist trainer review for each body type.

What are Waist Trainers?

Simply put, waist trainers are tight garments that come in comfortable fabrics designed to apply pressure on your abdominal area making your waist look smaller, they’ve been around since the 18th century but thanks to advances in medicine and technology, we’re now able to understand how to effectively (and safely!) mold our bodies into a more attractive, curvier version of ourselves. Doctors recommend its use as a post-partum tool, and celebrities routinely use the best waist trainers for cosmetic purposes.

Getting the ‘Instagram’ Effect

Would you believe me if I told you, that there’s an easy to wear accessory, used by known celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj, that could instantly put you closer to your ideal body shape and help you achieve a better stance effortlessly?

Well, it just so happens there is! They’re called waist trainers and waist trainer corsets. They’re absolutely amazing. They offer an effective, immediate answer to body shape and lumbar support problems, thousands are already using some of their newer models and are proudly showing off their results in social media.

Do Waist Trainers Work Weight Loss Example


Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

You’re probably thinking:  “Right, but what do waist trainers do? How does a waist trainer work?” As the name accurately suggests it, waist trainers, in the form of a belt or waist trainer corsets (also included in this waist trainer review!) apply an adequate and constant pressure to your abdominal area in order to achieve that hourglass shaped body we all want. It basically provides you with two key results:

  • It drastically reduces your waist size and helps your achieve that satisfying slim shape
  • It provides lumbar support for your spine, correcting posture issues.

The best waist trainers have a twofold effect: it allows reaching an aesthetic goal for our body while giving proper back support to avoid injuries as well as that slouching posture everyone dislikes (which also leads to back problems in the long run).

We live in a very novelty-driven world, everyday there’s a new diet or a new exercise routine, or even a new piece of clothing that helps most people and busy celebrities alike look the best they can in a convenient way. In that regard, waist trainers, waist trainer corsets, waist trimmers and body shapers are just positive, helpful tools that will help you reach your body goals faster and they’re all featured in this waist trainer review.

Inevitably, many will wonder if they should follow a strict diet or taking on waist training first, we say: why not both?

Waist Trainer Results vs. Diet Results

Alright, let’s be honest: How many people do you know were able to stick to a diet (usually a new “miracle” diet comes out every six months) and follow an exercise program long enough to get the results we sometimes desperately need? Not many right? Substituting unhealthy habits is tough, but it’s even tougher if we get no positive reinforcement during those dreadful first months. While writing this waist trainer review, we’ve found this is where most people quite simply, give up.

It begs the question – Why in the world can’t we make the road to achieving our body goals easier for ourselves? Why can’t we aid ourselves in our daily efforts, and get that crucial positive reinforcement that most of the times represents the difference between giving up, and sticking to our diets and workouts?

The best waist trainers allow us to see what we’d look like in 6 months, and if you stick to your diet and routine exercises, in three months you’ll know what you can look like within a year. The best waist trainers as well as the best waist trainer corsets are not tools to forsaken a healthy lifestyle, on the contrary, they’re meant to empower you, and this is precisely why celebrities and Instagram models wear them, and why we’ve covered them in this waist trainer review!

Whenever we pursue something in life, we make use of every tool at our disposal, and reaching our body goals should be no different. Allow yourself to enjoy any social activity without feeling self-conscious, allow yourself to choose any dress or shirt in your closet and feel it fits, making you look great in it. I promise you, it’s liberating. All of this sounds great but, are waist trainers safe? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, just don’t overuse it. Safety is important and we’ll continue to cover this in our waist trainer review.

Are Waist Trainers Safe?

As I mentioned earlier, waist trainers are often tools recommended for specific medical conditions, like scoliosis and bad posture, sometimes doctors even recommend them as post-pregnancy tools. Jessica Alba wore two waist trainer corsets six weeks after her pregnancy to get her figure back. Obviously, if you have a medical condition, you should consult with your doctor before using the best waist trainer for your body type, but it really just comes down to using it sensibly. Thankfully, following these three simple guidelines included in our waist trainer review will help use the best waist trainer for your body, the smart way:

  • Use a waist trainer for no more than 8 hours in a given day
  • Never tighten it up to the point in which it causes you pain.
  • Never wear a waist trainer while sleeping

Following these simple guidelines can help ensure maximum benefit with the minimal risk. Knowing how to properly use waist trainers such as waist trimmers, waist trainer corsets and other products in this waist trainer review is only half the battle in achieving an hourglass figure. It’s also important to know which types of waist trainers are best-suited for your personal preferences and body shape goals. In this waist trainer review, you’ll find an overview of the many types of body shaping clothing on the market and a description of how they are used.

Types of waist trainers homecandy


Types of Waist Trainers and the Best Waist trainer for you

Waist trainers are available in different sizes, materials, qualities, and may be described by many names. There are waist cinchers, waist trainer corsets, trimmer belts, hourglass waist trainers, and also general body shaper garments featured in this waist trainer review. All of these types of waist training clothes offer unique advantages compared to others, as we have previously said, they key in choosing the best waist trainer is carefully considering the pros and cons of each. This waist trainer review will help you determine which helps best in achieving your personal figure goals.

Waist trainers are divided in three general categories and each group offers the best waist trainer possible depending on your body needs and what you’ll achieve by using them:

Waist Trimmer Belts

Waist trimmer belts are basically belts made out of a special fabric, meant to be durable, comfortable and light. They’re typically worn during workout sessions to help with posture and avoid injuries. Whether you’re doing Yoga, squats or cardio, one of the hardest things of following a workout routine is being able to execute each exercise correctly. Using a waist trimmer belt is an extremely underrated method of maximizing fat burning, since maintaining a proper posture maximizes every single exercise you do, making them one of the best waist trainers out there. You’ll find in the waist trainer review, the waist trimmer we believe is most effective.

Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers also known as tummy shapers, are generally made of a lighter neoprene fabric than the one used in waist trimmer belts (for example, latex). They’re the best waist trainers for social events, since they’re meant to be used under your clothes.

These type of waist trainers instantly slims your figure, and gives you that well-defined waistline and fuller hips that come with the always popular and admired hourglass shaped body. They also provide you with good form simply because it strengthens your core and gives the lumbar support a good posture at all times, we’ve also included our favorite waist cincher in our waist trainer review below.

Full Vests & Waist Trainer Corsets

Pressure wise, these are the best waist trainers for getting an immediate hourglass figure. They’re perfect for those who have adopted the waist training lifestyle, and are determined to achieve the highly sought after and astonishing curvy figure.

Waist Trainer Corsets are the largest among waist trainers, and you’ll no doubt be reminded of the typical 19th century garments used by French nobility. Thankfully, technology and medical advancement have come a long way, and the newer models are not unhealthy as these full vest corsets were two centuries ago, so they’re a must have piece in this waist trainer review.

They come with a metal boning and closure that together with its laces, allow you to control exactly how much pressure you want it to exert on your torso and abdomen, you can even squeeze your lower ribcage to help highlight your breast and really tuck in your belly. The best waist trainer corsets are those that allow you to dazzle everyone with your dress or outfit without any discomfort (especially when going on a special occasion or a date) having said that: don’t use it for workouts or lengthy physically demanding activities.

Remember, the best waist trainers are meant to make you look beautiful, but it should never come at the cost of your health, so if you feel pain or shortness of breath, loosen it up!


Understanding the Body Shape Factor

The body shaper is the modern and updated version of the original corsets French nobility wore in the 18th century. They’ve become incredibly popular, which is why they’re featured in this waist trainer review. They come in many types and forms each adapted to a specific body type and they also perform specific functions

Choosing the right body shaper for you is simple enough, but you need to measure your chest area, waist and hips so that you can determine what your body type is, and exactly which areas of your body you need to shape in order to achieve that youthful, attractive shape effortlessly

Lastly, once you find the best waist trainer for your body type, you just need to choose a level of compression that meets your needs to look astonishing without feeling uncomfortable. We’ll talk about that later in this waist trainer review, for now, let’s determine your body type:

The best waist trainer for a Rectangular Body Type

If your shoulders and hips share equal width and lacking curves along your torso, you most likely have a natural rectangular body shape. If that’s the case, full body suits that push up your chest, tuck your midsection and accentuate your hips and rear are the most effective body shapers for this body type.

Full body suits reach from the lower thighs all the way up to the chest, lifting the latter as well as flattening your belly and generating enough pressure around the hip area to give you those incredibly sexy hourglass curves, by the way, the lower part of the body shaper will also lift up your butt, giving you an even more sculpted, well balanced figure.  You can wear these with your casual clothing or even with a tight fit dress.

The Best Waist Trainer for a Triangular body type

If your shoulders are narrower than the widest part of your hips, then your body type is most likely a triangular shape one, the best waist trainer for this type of body are definitely Briefs and Capris.

Briefs are the best waist trainers for shaping your thighs and buttocks, flatten your stomach and provide enough pressure in your hip area so that your figure can transition smoothly into your torso and chest area, enhancing both your curves and chest area at the same time. Capris on the other hand are the best waist trainers for triangular body types, since they cover a larger portion of your body, and also apply simultaneous pressure on your buttocks, hips, waist and stomach to give you that amazing hourglass figure.

See here the best waist trainer for Inverted Triangular Body Types

If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, and your waist tends to go slightly in, then your body probably falls into the inverted triangular form shape. The main challenge is balancing your upper body with the rest of your body, and to that end, you’re going to want clothing that is slim in your hip area, and enhance your curves with a waist trainer.

The best body shapers for this body type are the camisole and the full body shaper. The camisole will shape your chest, stomach, back and waist, but it will concentrate on narrowing your hips, so that you get a natural hourglass figure using your natural proportions. The body suit is also excellent for this body type, since it’ll apply pressure along key points to smoothly enhance your hips, lift your butt and flatten your stomach. We’ve featured what we believe are currently the best pieces in our waist trainer review.

Best Waist Trainers for Round Body Types

If the narrowest part of your torso in located right below your breast, you have narrow wrists and ankles, and you tend to gain most of your weight in your middle section, then you have a round body type. Fashion wise, it’s highly recommended for everyone with this body type to wear clothes that tighten your abdominal area, thus making the camisole, full body suits or regular body suits the best waist trainers for rounded body figures.

Both the camisole and the full body suits are the best waist trainers for effectively pressuring your abdominal area, enhancing your hips and thighs and smoothening your figure while also lifting your butt. These body shapers instantly reduce your torso’s wideness, so that you can use your natural proportions in your favor to achieve the hourglass figure.

Another excellent choice would be the regular body shaper. It covers a smaller area than a full body shaper, but for a rounded body type, this is one of the best waist trainers just because it still provides the necessary compression for your abdominal area while shaping your breast area, accommodating it towards the center and giving it a gentle lift. Regular body shaper models can also come with long sleeves, making them extremely versatile making them some of the best waist trainers for wearing skirts, and one of the top picks in this waist trainer review.

As you can see, Body shapers can be the best waist trainers since they present an amazing and convenient way to obtain that curvier figure, regardless of your body type, not to mention they don’t form bulges around your figure, so you can wear any kind of clothes (even dresses or skirts). But remember: if you want excellent results in record time, you’re going to want to couple your body shapers with other waist training products, having the best out of both worlds is definitely the way to go because it also makes it easier and faster for you to get that beautiful body form as soon as possible. To that end, and after very thorough research, we’ve come up with a selection of what we believe are the best waist trainers out there and why.

The Best Waist Trainer Reviews

There are the best waist trainers currently available, and we’ve built this waist trainer review on a number of factors: effectiveness, comfort and safety, so you can achieve your hourglass figure in record time and save money while at it!

Waist Trimmer, Maxboost Premium Weight Loss Ab Belt for Men & Women

The best waist trainer and why: Waist trimmer

If you want a waist trainer that really works up the sweat in your belly area while providing you all the back support you need, this is hands down the best waist trainer for the job. The built in sauna effect (which only takes around 8 minutes to kick in) allows you to maximize each workout and improve your circulation while doing daily chores.

The neoprene fabric makes it a really comfortable piece, so it won’t make you itch or restrict your movements. We’ve added this product in this waist trainer review because it also works for any body shape, just remember not to wear it for more than a couple of hours at a time, since it’ll accumulate plenty of sweat.

Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher 9 Steel Boned

The best waist trainer and why: Waist cincher

This waist cincher is one of the best waist trainer out there: it’s comfortable, provides lumbar support, gets rid of any love handles and it’s easily hidden under clothing, even below tight fitted dresses.

Its inside material is soft and comfy, so it won’t feel sticky whenever you feel like wearing this waist trainer under your skirts, shorts or any other clothing combination you prefer, and it’s featured in this waist trainer review because of its versatility.

The pressure on your abdominal area will naturally lift your butt and chest, it’ll get rid of tummy flab and give you the confidence you need everytime you go out!

Charmian Women’s 26 Steel Boned Cotton Long Torso Hourglass Body Shaper Corset

The best waist trainer and why: Hourglass waist trainer corset:

When looking for  a waist trainer Corset you want to be able to control with ease the amount of pressure you exert on your ribcage, since you are not looking for a product designed for workouts or physical activities, the beauty of the garment and its elegance gain points in priority.

This waist trainer corset does everything it’s supposed to do for you, its lower design adds comfort when sitting down and even crouching, not to mention its fabric is so smooth that it feels wonderful.

It comes with legitimate metal boning and its stitching has been very well done so you can enjoy a uniform pressure all along your back and belly.

Suffice to say it’s beautifully made and if you’re wearing clothes on top of it won’t be glaringly obvious. Its affordable price makes it a top pick in this waist trainer review.

Supplim Women’s Body Shaper Waist Cincher Underbust Corset Bodysuit Shapewear

The best waist trainer and why:  Full body shaper

This full body suit will accomplish the five most important things a quality piece of this type must always provide you:  lifting your chest, reducing your stomach, flattening your waist, lifting your buttocks and reducing your hips. Definitely one of the best waist trainers out there, which is why we’ve added it to this waist trainer review.

If on top of that it fits nicely thanks to its quality fabric and smooth outer material then you find yourself a new best friend!

This body will improve your posture, instantly lift your butt and thanks to its quality fabric and smooth outer material, it’ll also be a very comfortable and stealthy garment ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

Invisable Strapless Body Shaper High Waist Tummy Control Butt lifter Panty Slim

The best waist trainer and why: Regular body suit body shaper

Regular body shapers were designed for you to enjoy a better figure while being more practical and easier to wear than the full body ones. This body shaper won’t roll down on you when using it for several hours, and it’s why we decided to add it to our waist trainer review.

Since it doesn’t have any straps to deal with it’s very easy to get it on and thanks to its tight fabric you’ll be able to wear it with all type of fashion combination.

Overall, a very comfortable and easy to wear garment with surprisingly quality fabric for its price, you can even wash it on your machine and still not lose the quality of its fabric!

PostSurgery Postpartum Colombian BodyShaper Capri Thin Straps

The best waist trainer and why: Capris body shaper

A Capris must always stretch from the lower stomach to the mid-calf area, and make your figure show natural and smooth curves at all times, and this product does exactly this.

Its fabric allows it to be comfortable without compromising the tightness you need in order to enjoy a slimmer figure, the crotch area stitching and placement makes walking or sitting down feel completely natural, making it one of our favorites in our waist trainer review.

Its leggings help lifting your butt as well as preventing the shapewear from moving around. If you’re by any chance recovering from an operation and need compression while not feeling discomfort from your clothing, this is the ideal Capris for you!

Mystiqueshapes Women Tank Top Cami Shaper Genie Style + Extra Magic Boost Pads & Travel Pouch

The best waist trainer and why: Camisole body shaper

This camisole allows you to shape your chest, stomach, back, and waist and does so comfortably. It features a built in bra with removable pads so they can provide extra support whether you prefer to use your favorite bra piece or not.

A great piece for wearing shirts since it doesn’t show underneath your clothes and it smoothest out beautifully, preventing back fat from showing without you noticing it, and it’s because of details like these, that we’ve added this product to our waist trainer review. Excellent for everyday tasks and casual occasions!

Patricia Lingerie Women’s Anti-Bacterial Fabric Hi-Waist Shapewear Shorts

The best waist trainer and why: Short style body shaper

This body shaper’s fabric is quite simply put, excellent. It’s made out of a breathable material that doesn’t restrict your movement, furthermore the top does not roll down, which makes it ideal for any occasions. It’s perhaps one of the most commonly used body shapers today, so no waist trainer review could be complete without it.

If you’re recovering from any abdominal surgery this garment can actually prevent pain in your stomach area since it doesn’t let your skin from pulling forward when moving around, and if you’re thinking about using skirts or tightly fit dresses: go for it! This is the perfect piece for you!

Keep Your Needs in Mind

This waist trainer review selection was put together to fit any body style, and with a single goal in mind: get you the best results, at the lowest cost, in the shortest amount of time. In the next section of this guide, you’ll see some of the results people from all over the world have accomplished while using the best waist trainers for their bodies.

Before & after using the Best Waist Trainer for each body:

People that have successfully taken on waist training, have one thing in common: they’ve accepted the best waist trainers as tools that will help them in their journey towards a more attractive body and a more fulfilling life. The moment you put on your waist trainer, you’ll feel more beautiful, but it’s important to use it consciously, and regularly. Take a look at some of the case studies we’ve included in our waist trainer review, and see the results for yourself!


Pictures Here

Time invested in waist training: Almost two years

Waist Trainer usage: She progressed from a size M, to a size XXS as she lost weight. Used it for at least four hours a day, every day of the week.  She used a traditional waist training belt and a waist trainer corset, both featured in this waist trainer review

Results: She considered herself as a “curveless” woman, but after almost two years of using her waist trainer, she’s finally comfortable with her body. Not only is her waist considerably slimmer, but she also believes the waist training corset helped her reduce her tummy.


Time invested in waist training: One and a half years

Waist Trainer usage: 3-4 days a week for six hours (she consulted with her physician before using her waist trainer, since she recently had two kids)

Results: She’s incredibly happy with the results so far. She leads a very busy life: she takes care of her children and has a job, so she rarely has time to work out during the weekends. It’s really amazing how her waist trainer considerably reduced the flaccidity around the tummy area and partially reduced the stretching marks. Her waist has seen remarkable improvements as well, and she believes that with proper diet, and daily use of her waist trainer, she’ll get her pre-pregnancy curves back. She used a waist trainer corset that was featured in our best waist trainer review

Jessica Alba:

Time invested in waist training: At least three months

Waist Trainer usage: Over 14 hours, every day

Results: Jessica said,

“I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.”

Wearing a TWO of the best waist training corsets certainly seems extreme, in fact, just having a regular waist training belt coupled with a waist training corset might’ve been equally effective, especially if you decide to use it for more than three months!

The results speak for themselves, so we’ve added it to our waist trainer review, but we highly recommend a slow but steady approach when taking on waist training, since it’ll translate into durable and safe results.

Kylie Jenner

Time invested in waist training: Two years

Waist Trainer usage: At least five hours a day

Results: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kylie Jenner all use some of the best waist trainers, in fact, Kylie’s first Instagram post using a waist trainer corset was exactly two years ago. The Kardashian clan’s curves are legendary, and a strict waist trainer usage is no doubt part of the reason behind their success. Check out the featured waist trainer corsets in our waist trainer review!

Now that you’ve seen the results of what some of the best waist trainers can do for you, we’re going to wrap things up with some personal recommendations based on our experience and research here are the key factors for succeeding at waist training:

Final Words on the best waist trainers for your goals

Waist trainers are great, helpful and safe tools dedicated to make you look beautiful no matter what you decide to wear. . In order to release your body’s full potential, we recommend that you commit to what we call the fantastic four formula: Eating healthy, doing regular (not extreme) workouts, using a waist trimmer for your workouts or chores and using the best waist trainer for your body and lifestyle. Do this for a couple of months and you’ll see amazing progress, we promise that sticking to it won’t be difficult because you’ll feel gorgeous every step of the way.

We guarantee you’ll lead a happier, more confident and less stressful life. Gift yourself a chance to feel stunning fast and effectively, and thank you for reading our waist trainer review!

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